Computational Intelligence & Computational Semiotics

Part of the theoretical framework for learning systems as practized within the master program BaSys (Barrier Free Systems) is the field of CI (Computational Intelligence) and CS (Computational semiotics). Working within an international network of colleagues Gerd Doeben-Henisch, the BaSys coordinator, supports the biennial IEEE Africon conferences with the organization of a special track CI & CS. Beginning in 2004 there were tracks in 2007, 2009. The next one is intended for 2011.

IEEE Africon 2011

The next IEEE Africon 2011 Conference will be held 13.-15.Sept 2011 in Livingstone (Zambia). One track which is supported by BaSys is track 03:

t03: Computational Intelligence and Computational Semiotics

Track Coordinators: Gerd Doeben-Henisch (University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt, Germany) Alexander Mehler (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main) Dietmar Dietrich (Technical University, Vienna, Austria) Louwrence Erasmus (University of Pretoria)

We seek novel, revolutionary, and exciting work  in areas including but not limited to:

  • Interface technologies to support intelligent programs
  • Affective user interfaces
  • Self learning structures
  • Artificial consciousness
  • Interactive environments for learning agents
  • Collaborative environments for humans and agents
  • Assessment models for intelligent agents
  • Adaptive dialogue agents
  • Language grounding for learning agents
  • Emerging languages for agents
  • Intelligent agents in games
  • Intelligent interactive games
  • Intelligent agents for game based learning
  • Computational semiotics
  • Learning based on emotions
  • Simulation of learning agents
  • Agents  as adaptive musicians
  • Agents as design assistants for architects
  • Agents for the automatic assessment of buildings
  • Self-learning robots 
  • Game theory for intelligent agents
  • Intelligent economic agents
  • Intelligent factories
  • Intelligent project management tools
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