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BaSys Research

This DoKu-Wiki is an English extension of the official website of the interdisciplinary master program(Barrier Free Systems (BaSys)), of the University of Applied Science of Frankfurt am Main. It shows only selected points of the main German Wiki Page.


We interpret the term in BaSys Barrier Free Systems in a very broad sense: The removal of barriers of any kind is understood as to provide better access to that what for individuals or entire groups of people is important, meaningful, or helpful. Improving access can also be understood as an increase of inclusion, the inclusion of more important conditions for the needs of the dayly life. To achieve this ambitious goal BaSys provides a collaborative environment of various disciplines to allow truly interdisciplinary projects for teaching and research. Participating disciplines are e.g. nursing and social work, health care, social sciences (PS), architecture, city planning (A), as well as disciplines related to computer science and engineering (II). The main goal is the improvement of the knowledge of the different kinds of users (children, families, elderly, disabled persons, work places…) and –based on this knowledge– the improvement of the surrounding spaces (flats, buildings,…) as well as the usage of appropriate technologies to create a new, intelligent assistiv space that offers fewer barriers , for more inclusion.


The research of BaSys is defined by specific projects, which ideally are closely linked with the teaching of BaSys. Thus, for example Students in the specialized modules take up issues from research and investigate these in the light of the relevant subjects (such as speech recognition, image recognition or learning agents) and develop during a semester their own solutions. Accordingly, the interdisciplinary projects can work out themes from research (e.g. help, to design an intelligent assistant to support the design process in architecture).

The research projects of BaSys are naturally not limited to BaSys. Both students and professors from other programs and other universities are able to take action and contribute too.

In addition, in recent years we can observe the development of a network of experts from industry, local government and other universities. These Experts are a valuable source for ideas and projects.

Part of the research focuses on the development of self-learning systems to be used in different contexts. Therefore modeling and simulation expertise is built up, which is necessary for the operation of appropriate simulation rooms. This work joins mainly computer science and architecture. But it includes too social work and nursing as well as the economics (eg in the project of a virtual exhibition space for housing advice).

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