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The Emerging Mind Project (EMP) is the result of many years of research and discussions. It has a Philosophical Part locating the project within the history of ideas with regard to the development of mindful biological systems and the engineering of artificial minds. It has a clear Engineering Framework to enable high quality results. Within this engineering process it uses an explicit formal theory as basis for all implementations. The main application scenario assumes defined environments with defined tasks sets as test beds for a defined hierarchy of systems representing either 'real' systems or 'software systems' realizing 'mindful systems'. The final goal is the development of such artificial systems which can learn like children do and which can interact with human persons in a truly human like way. This final goal shall be approached by many small steps leading from most simple systems to systems which showing an ever increasing complexity. To 'measure' the progress of this development the project uses the methods of empirical psychology to evaluate the artificial systems by comparing the possible behavior of the systems with clearly defined tasks from psychology. The following areas have been selected for partial goals on the way to the final goal:


  • Composing Music
  • Playing music interactively
  • Dancing according to Music (alone, in group)
  • Painting Pictures
  • Constructing Sitemaps and Houses Interactively
  • Constructing story boards
  • Visual music
  • Learning a language with meanings
  • Talk interactively
  • Learning math
  • Monitoring human behavior


  • Website with all theoretical papers related to the project (including tutorials, papers, books).
  • Website with public environments and public systems to investigate the behavior of systems
  • Annual public tournament with systems confronted with previously defined tasks sets
  • Annual 'Advanced Studies' workshop to discuss theoretical issues of the project
  • Annual 'Summer University' for students to deal 3 weeks intensively with topics of the project
  • Starting an Art Label representing the artificial systems with their art productions in music, painting, dancing as well as poetry


  • Summer term 2013: start preparing the project
  • August 2013: first Advanced Study Workshop (Unicamp (Campinas, Brazil))
  • February/ March 2014 first Summer Universiy for Students (Unicamp (Campinas, Brazil))
  • March 2014: Official opening of the project
  • February 2017: End of Phase 1; a continuation is planned


Until now the following partners have agreed to cooperate in this project:

  • Prof.Dr. Ricardo Gudwin (Unicamp (Campinas, Brazil))(Coordinator Brazil)(Cognition)
  • Prof.Dr. Gerd Doeben-Henisch (University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt, Germany))(Coordinator Frankfurt)(Cognition)
  • Prof.Dr. Alxander Mehler (Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany))(Language)
  • Prof.Dr. Manfred Faßler (Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany))(Culture, Sociology)
  • Dr. Michael Klein (Institut for New Media - INM (Frankfurt, Germany)(Media)
  • Dipl.Inf. Tobias Schmidt (acrylnimbus (Frankfurt, Germany))(electronic music)
  • Dr.PrE. Louwrence Erasmus (South African Research Institut of of Health (Pretoria, South Africa))(Coordinator South Africa)(Systems Engineering)

There are others who are interested and will join in the future the project more actively.


Until we have released the official web sites please feel free to contact Gerd Doeben-Henisch at:

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